31 Spooky Movies in October: 2012 Edition, Part 13 – The Final Chapter

by kdlough

  1.  The Forbidden Photos of a Woman Above Suspicion 6/10
  2. It! The Terror from Beyond Space 8/10
  3. The Omen 7/10
  4. The Curse of Frankenstein 8/10
  5. I Walked with a Zombie 10/10
  6. Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages 7/10
  7. House of Dracula 5/10
  8. The Shining 10/10
  9. The Body Beneath 7/10
  10. At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul 9/10
  11. This Night I’ll Possess Your Corpse 9/10
  12. The Howling 7/10
  13. Braindead 4/10
  14. The Raven 8/10
  15. The Ghost 8/10
  16. A Bay of Blood 8/10
  17. The Crazies 6/10
  18. Teen Witch 1/10
  19. Cat People 8/10
  20. Lisa and the Devil 7/10
  21. Frankenstein 9/10
  22. Bride of Frankenstein 10/10
  23. The Gorgan 8/10
  24. The Revenge of Frankenstein 5/10
  25. Frankenstein Created Woman 3/10
  26. X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes 8/10
  27. The House of the Devil 9/10
  28. A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge 3/10
  29. Let’s Scare Jessica to Death 10/10
  30. The Case of the Bloody Iris 7/10
  31. Friday the 13th 7/10

I thought it might be interesting to have all my scores for this month in one place.  The average score was about 7.5; pretty much what I expected, since I tried to watch movies I expected to enjoy at least a little.  Looking back, I can see that there was some definite horror movie fatigue setting in around week 2, starting with The Howling, and it didn’t really let up until I watched the Universal Frankenstein movies.  Then there was another dip in interest at the very end, when I was just glad to be finished.  That said, things never really got low enough to become torturous.

HIGHLIGHT OF THE MONTH: At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul – This is taking the ranks of required scary movie viewing for me.  A really pleasant surprise that hits a lot of sweet spots: low budget grunginess, wild monologues, silly special effects, and some genuinely spooky derangement.

LOWLIGHT OF THE MONTH: Frankenstein Created Woman – Boring and visually dull.  Plus it squanders some great ideas with its generally half-assed execution.  I watched a couple movies that were “worse,” but this one left me feeling the most let down.

REGRET OF THE MONTH: I never got around to watching any more Andy Milligan movies.  I had been saving The Rats Are Coming! The Werewolves Are Here! for just this occasion, but couldn’t find the time…  I also never found a working DVD of the third Coffin Joe movie, The Awakening of the Beast.  Hopefully a write-up on that will be coming soon.

So what’s next for this blog?  Well, I have a couple projects in the works: I plan on making my way through every commercially available Alfred Hitchcock movie for a major retrospective; an essay on Mac & Me; and a huge Christmas movie marathon.  Will I keep my sanity??  Watch this space…